Go forth and be true to yourself

Dare to be different

To make mistakes

Create, for it is in creation that you exist

In a world full of dreams that stem from your heart

In oneness, love and hatred

Wonder and awe, softness and pain, joy and light.

In the stillness the unknown awaits

A void wanting to be filled.

Step into it with courage and strength

Like a budding rose reaching for the light

Love will lead you to greener pastures

Keep your pockets full of dreams

For life is a test of faith.

Allow your light to shine

There is no beginning or end,

There is only love!

From the Magdalene Oracle Guidebook by Toni Carmine Salerno

I stumbled upon this Profound message today...

The funny thing is, I completely forgot it was International Women's Day until I woke up and opened my Instagram and saw all the posts. At first I didn't care, I was thinking, oh it's just another themed day to create generic content around... haha. Then as I went about my day I felt guided to pull some oracle cards for a connection I have with a man I love dearly. I wanted to understand what was going on in this connection, as we have been separated by life's circumstances and obstacles. We're living in separate states and focused on our own careers, there's not much tangibly happening between us in the physical reality, but in our hearts there's definitely a strong magnetic force within us. So I pulled from this deck, The Magdalene Oracle, a deck that I didn't even intend to buy. I didn't need another card deck, but somehow it randomly opened up on my amazon account one day and I felt guided to purchase it. I had no rhyme or reason to purchase a deck, as I already have so many, and I have barely been using the ones I have lately. So I pull from this deck about our connection and I feel intuitively that 3 cards should come out. The cards I pulled were, Magdalene, Universal Christ, and The Lovers, and this is when I started to see a larger energetic story unfolding in this message. I felt there is a collective energy of masculines who resonate with the christ being, and there's also a group of women who resonate with Lady Mary Magdalene's energy. I certainly felt connected to her as soon as I read the message from the card.

There is a larger energy unfolding here, and I hope you understand I'm not coming from a tangible, "labeling" or attachment perspective, I am coming from an energetic perspective. I believe there are many groups of people who connect to Christ and Mary, and many who believe they were lovers, and that they were in a scared union together. There has been much speculation about the Patriarchal religions removing and diminishing Mary's role in Jesus' ministry, and this is why I am bringing up this message here today on International Women's Day. I feel her spirit, or her essence... the Divine Feminine energy has encouraged me to push past my own comfort zone and to express something here because it is the right thing to do. Too long have I held my tongue or kept truths and messages to myself out of fear of being judged and rejected. But I can no longer do that... I have created art, I have been writing poetry and prose for years, I have photographed myself in revealing clothing, I have created many beautiful things that I have not shared with people. I figured, well why should I share my private creations with others? Why do they deserve it? I don't owe them anything... no one will care about what I have to say, think, feel, create, or anything... but I have been wrong. The truth is I have told these things to myself as a form of comfort and security to stay small. I have been hiding who I really am from people, I have been playing it safe in my she den, in my own adventures, in my solitude and I have been unwilling to share myself and my creations with the world. Even now, I am trembling and kicking and screaming as I type this. But I feel it is time for me to share my truest self with people, and I feel it is time that my personal brand, my business, and the work I choose to put out in the world all align.

I am inspired by the message of Mary Magdalene because I feel she is calling all of us women to fearlessly stand in our authentic truths and creative self expression. She states, "Create, for it is in creation that you exist", we exist on this earth amongst each other because we have been created by the Creator to create! The reason we are here is to create and unleash our creations into the world. We are not here to be drones and slaves to the 9-5 societal work culture. We are not here to merely be mindless, passive consumers. Each of us are here to be creators! To unleash our beauty, pain, sorrow, light, joy, sadness into the world. We are here to create from these emotions, to not feel shame for having them.. to not feel ashamed for feeling. We are here to feel. We are here to experience. We are here to share our experiences with each other. And no one else's experience is right or wrong, it is just THEIR experience. It is THEIR perspective. We were put here on this earth to experience multiple perspectives, and that is what makes creation so beautiful. You can see the same painting, the same form of architecture, the same decorative piece, and you can see and feel it's unique expression dependent on the energy of its creator. I see brands in that way... we may have the same gift someone else has, and we may feel discouraged to put our version of it out there. We may think, "well she already does it so why should I", I know I have thought this. I have thought that I don't matter and that what I have to offer people isn't good enough. But that is a straight up lie I told myself because I was insecure and scared to unleash my true brilliance.

Mary's message today is to do just that. To unleash your true brilliance, to create from the depth of your being and your soul and put that creative passion out there into the world. It doesn't matter what it is or how it is, all that matter's is that YOU created it and that YOU shared it. I know in marketing we say it is important to understand your target audience and to tailor your content to match your target audience's interests and needs, and yes that is true and I say it is also a delicate balance. You want to be mindful of who you are speaking to and tailor your content to their needs, AND you want to channel YOUR energy, your passion, and infuse it into your marketing. When you create content you set the intention that the target audience, aka the people you want to connect with, will be drawn to what you have to share. Trust that the right people who need to hear your message will find you. It will work exactly the way I found the Magdalene Oracle... they will just feel like they stumbled upon your message, only they may not realize they were actually guided there for a reason. It is time for us to come out of the creative closet and share our truths into the void so that we can create a world full of beauty and love.

If you need support in discovering your deepest passion and creative expression and are not sure how to connect within yourself to access your inner treasure, you can Download the "Unleash Your Creative Expression" Brand WorkBook. I created this workbook to help people begin to take that deep dive to unlock the hidden mysteries and gifts within. I know even for myself, it can be really hard to see my own strengths and gifts unless they're mirrored back to me through another person's acknowledgement or an external resource that supports me in fleshing them out. This brand workbook is intended to do just that. If you need further assistance and support, you can always contact me as well for coaching and consulting.

It's time for the Divine Feminine to be unleashed into the world in whatever form she feels ready to take. All you have to do is let your heart take the lead. Happy International Women's Day 💖 I honor you and your Divine Feminine power 🙏



From my "Self Love" Self Portrait Series - Let's Love Ourselves and Our Bodies As They Are ❤️