Hi, I'm Katya Keely Quinonez and my Passion is To empower Creatives to Build Their Purpose Driven Brands!

Here's a bit about me...

I am a guide, creative, and visual communicator specializing in branding, photography (light painting), content & digital marketing, and writing, on a mission to empower people in discovering their own creative purpose & unique gifts they were born to share with the world.

In 2011, I obtained my Bachelor's degree from the University of San Diego in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Images and Influence, and double minors in Marketing and Psychology; in 2012, I obtained a Certificate in Digital Photography and Social Media from San Diego State University. I've spent the last 12 years working with a variety of start ups, personal brands, organizations, and small businesses assisting them with all things creative including: photography, branding, marketing, social media, advertising, email, writing, content creation, website design, and event planning/production.

As a photographer,

This visual artistic endeavor allows me to capture and illuminate the light and shadows within spaces and faces. I've been in love with the world of images and their ability to communicate influential messages and capture historical moments ever since I was 11 years old when I joined the yearbook team. I spent countless hours looking through photos of my peers, organizing images, creating layouts, taking pictures, and in the process, I instantly developed a deep passion for my craft. Photography is my innate creative outlet that allows me to create the dream world that I visualize. It's my art form; the space where I go beyond my analytical mind and enter into a vibrant world of color, unique perspectives, and endless possibilities! There are a variety of ways to develop a single photo, and the photography process provides me the access to freely enter my unique inspirational zone where I experience complete fulfillment and creative bliss.

This aspect of visual communication creates worlds and emotions for brands, public personas, places, and spaces. Photographs attract us and evoke ideas and emotions. Photographs of interiors and architecture are an admiration of beauty, and the energy & vibe within each space. These photos convey the experience one could visualize themselves having in that space. Design and architecture are a tangible and concrete human art form, and an ultimate expression of man as Creator... just as nature is God’s architecture. Brand photos allow the person to capture their authentic and public figure essence so that they can put their best foot forward as they connect with the people they are meant to connect with. It lights me up to shoot artistic images that empower creatives in building their brands.


It was in my mid 20's that I started to see the world from a new perspective. I started to see a visual, magical light and essence in the spaces around me, and I strived to capture and illuminate that light with my visual art. I wanted people to see and feel the world the way I do, full of magic, beauty and peace, and that's what led me to specializing in photographing interiors.

Ever since I could remember, my mom was always in love with interior design and decor and she was constantly redecorating our home, buying new furniture pieces from different eras, and flipping through the latest interior magazines. She thought that as a child I didn't appreciate these things, and she was right at the time, but then one day I started to see the enchantment that she saw and I strived to capture it. I initially trained in real estate photography and quickly evolved into more artistic forms of imagery, like the ones my mom used to show me in her Elle Decor magazines :)

Shooting interiors is almost meditative for me. I love collaborating with designers, agents and business owners to capture the ideal mood and vibe of a space to create a customized photo that perfectly suits their unique brand.

Mom walking through her beautiful home she designed herself


I am passionate about empowering creative people & small businesses with creating their public personas, and coaching them on how to effectively communicate their authentic gifts, passions, purpose, and offerings to their intended target audiences. This entails a combination of stunning visuals, your brand's unique personality & essence, a fitting content strategy that is highly tailored to your target audience, and marketing execution.

Branding and Marketing are the access to expanding your reach on a mass level. Your brand builds the relationship with your target audience so that you can make that positive impact and fulfill on your vision and mission. It sets the tone for the relationships you build with the people you want to connect with and support.

As a Heart-Centered Communicator & Writer,

I stand for honest, vulnerable, authentic communication between people, and in the communication messages that are broadcasted to the masses as media texts and images i.e books, movies, youtube, art, photography, news, marketing, etc. Images and words are the greatest way to influence society and these messages we send out must be empowering, heart-centered and genuine.

I firmly believe I am merely a vessel for source to channel its wisdom through to whomever feels called to read it. I convey the messages that are meant for me to disperse to the masses. My writing allows me to convey powerful truth and raw emotion that hopefully people can connect with and heal from. It is intended to teach, support, heal, and encourage people to take a positive action in their own lives. This creates powerful people who then create powerful media of their own and powerful communities. Writing contributes to the culture creation of this evolving, new modern world.

You can view some samples of what I write on my blog, Creative Sanctuaries which focuses on all things Branding, Conscious Business, Marketing, Creativity, Interiors, Design, Self Expression, Mission, Passion, and Purpose. You can view some more of my intimate, emotional writing published on Elephant Journal here.

I act as your Business Partner... a Reflective mirror, so you can see your clear & True self



Building & Design

  • Interior Designers & Decorators
  • Builders & Architects
  • Boutique Hotels, Resorts & Cabins
  • Tiny Home & CamperVan Builders
  • Furniture & Home Decor Designers
  • Coworking Spaces & Business Offices
  • Landscape Designers & Plant Enthusiasts
  • Building Painters
  • Property Managers & Apartment Complexes


  • Intuitively Gifted & Spiritual Creators
  • Creative Artists, Painters
  • Retreat & Healing Centers
  • Retreat Creators
  • Feng Shui Practitioners 
  • Holistic Wellness Practitioners, Coaches, Therapists, Healers
  • Wellness, Yoga & Exercise Studios

BUSINESS Operators

  • Campgrounds & RV Resorts
  • Commercial/Residential Realtors & Home Owners
  • Airbnb & Vacation Rental Operators
  • Real Estate Media Companies
  • Travel & Hospitality Brands
  • Hospitality Lounges & Spas
  • Event Spaces, Venues & Planners
  • Wineries, Vineyards, Breweries
  • Restaurant & Bar Owners
  • Coffee Shop Owners
  • Boutique Shop Owners
  • Home Stagers & Professional Organizers

In my personal time....

I love to explore and adventure through nature, travel and culture. I love to read, write poetry and discuss media, art, culture, and design. I love to take care of my body and do self care as much as I possibly can!!! And so should you ;)

You'll most likely see me with an iced coffee in hand, cell phone, my laptop, flip flops and yoga pants on a casual day ;) I love to be a compassionate space for my friends and family, it fulfills me to help my loved ones connect with themselves and move through the conflicts of life. I'm their go-to counselor!

I also enjoy designing spaces and creating vibes within a space. I wouldn't call myself an interior designer, but I do have a good eye for design :) The energy of a physical space is a key component in raising the energy within us. Our surroundings reflect our inner worlds and vice versa. Creating spaces with intention creates a world of experience that may be needed for healing, relaxing, surrendering, serenity, open mindedness, a sense of wonder & awe, and inner peace. If I could live in a spa, I totally would :D

In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm all about freedom, self expression and authentic communication! I dream of one day producing a coffee table book that compiles my journalistic, poetic writings and visual art. I long to continue to travel, continuously meet new people, encounter new cultures, and photograph the globe! 

Me in Park City, Utah. It was 19 degrees! I may be a bit blue haha

Together, let's capture the artistic essence that brings the most energy to your soul

Please reach out if you're interested in connecting or collaborating. I love to meet new people and am open to a variety of opportunities and connections. I would love to connect with you! You can connect with me here.

If you would like me to photograph your space or design project, please fill out my lead form and in the comments please write:

  1. A brief description of your project
  2. Square footage of space
  3. Number of rooms and details you want captured
  4. Roughly around how many images you're looking for (if you don't know that's okay too)
  5. Location

If you have a project that is brand marketing/social media related or you are interested in brand coaching or consulting, you can contact me with a brief description of your needs. Be sure to download my "Unleash Your Creative Expression" Brand Workbook to get started on building your own brand!

I look forward to connecting with you!


Love, Magic & Connection

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