Brand MArketing Services

Brand Coaching

Building your brand from the ground up

In my brand coaching sessions we work together once a week for about 8 to 12 weeks in the discovery of your brand's authentic essence, look and feel. I guide you in creating the basics of your brand, including your mission & vision statement, your content themes, & target audiences. At the end of our sessions, you will be left with a brand deck that is full of your brand's personality, essence and next action items so that you are grounded in a solid foundation as you continue to build your business.

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Brand Consulting

This offering is less of a commitment in comparison to brand coaching. This can be a single call or series of calls where you can ask me for guidance, my expertise and any questions you may have in regards to your brand and business marketing. This is perfect for the established business owner who may want some deeper insight in regards to your brand and marketing needs.

Content Creation ~ Social Media ~ Email Marketing ~ PR

Digital Marketing Management

This offering involves extremely hands on, ongoing content creation services for your brand. I become apart of your team in supporting you in creating regular visual and written marketing content for your social media channels, email marketing, and building influential relationships in the online communities. I would become, in a sense, a marketing manager for your brand.

~ Availability is variable depending on current project workload, however, I do have a team of creators who assist with projects ~

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