Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm originally based out of Los Angeles, CA and I frequently travel to Salt Lake City, UT. I have two homes and travel back and forth regularly between the two. I plan bookings in advance, but am flexible and always able to accommodate. Just contact me!

Yes, I love to travel! If you want me to photograph for your business, it will require travel cost coverage (flight/gas, accommodation), depending on where it takes place, and where I am located during the shoot time.

I currently shoot in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, and am open to shooting abroad or on the East Coast.

When will we get our photos?

For Real Estate and Vacation Rentals:

Since these are needed more immediately for listing purposes, expect them in no more than 3 days from the shoot date.

For Brand Portraits, Interiors, Lifestyle Social Media, Events and Products:

Expect your final, edited, high resolution, downloadable photos within a 3-6 week turn around time from the shoot date (sometimes less depending on the season and workflow)

You can download all the photos from the digital gallery.

How many pictures will we receive?

For Real Estate and Vacation Rentals, you will receive the amount of frames shot based on your square footage and rooms in the space including exterior and interior shots.

For Brand Photography and Portrait Packages, you will receive according to the package you choose, you will get to choose your favorites for final post processing and retouching

Can I add someone to my brand portrait session?

Yes, you can include additional people in your session for a $25 per person sitting fee. For example if you have business partners and you want to do a joint session, this sitting fee would apply. If you have people you need to use as models or that support the story we're creating, they do not need to pay the $25 sitting fee

What's the Photography Process?

I like to begin with a consultation call where we fully create your session. This is where we discuss your project and your vision. This can include the space, designs, aspects, any outfits, colors, themes, props, how many people, location, duration, editing style, posing .. etc.

At the shoot we get creative and fun and we let the ideas and creativity flow! This is where the magic happens :) 50% of investment is due prior to the shoot with signed contract.

(for Brands, not Interiors)
After the shoot I will upload all the viable photos to the gallery and send to you with a watermark to select your favorites for final post processing. (usually a few days after shoot)

Then you choose your favorites according to the amount of images in your package, the sooner you select the sooner we can start the final editing process! Then I go to work on editing the photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. This is where you can let me know any retouching requests such as slimming, smoothing, skin softening, toning, etc. Final payment is due at this time before editing begins.

Please allow me about 3-6 weeks to get the final edits done as I tend to spend anywhere from 2-30 minutes per photo! Just depends on what's needed :) Please be patient! I do my best to get the final photos to you as soon as I can and it's usually not as long as 6 weeks, just depends on the project size and the amount of work I've got in my queue.

Once final payment is sent and I am complete with post processing I will send you your digital album so you can download them directly to your computer. Please download as soon as you get them as I may delete online albums after 30 days. We will discuss the final photos and go over which images you will like to order. I will submit any prints and canvas purchases and have them mailed directly to you (3-5 business days for prints and 7-10 business days for canvas).

**For Add on canvas and prints, payment must be completed before I submit the order.

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