As a conscious marketer...

my purpose is to fulfill on a vision to create a new kind of world; one full of authentic expression, work/life balance, multicultural discovery, acceptance, connection, harmonious communities, and global cohesion. The way I see that vision becoming a reality is through business and leadership. I seek to create a world full of conscious and ethical businesses built by conscious and creative entrepreneurs that are committed to having their products and services make a real difference for people in society. These businesses are built on a foundation of integrity, passion and purpose. When people build businesses based on their authentic passions and visions, the world will experience global peace, unity, and connected community.


During the branding process we go over your brand's target audience, creating your brand personas, your business goals, vision, and mission, your overall look and feel of your brand, including photos, colors, fonts, and other visual and tonal communication methods. 

Content Creation

Content creation is crucial to maintaining the personality and connecting your brand to your audience overtime. Content creation includes ongoing content management of your calendar, including social media channels, email marketing, and on going marketing campaigns and product content. This specifically includes things like content photography, product photography, scheduling into the content calendar, email layouts and design, and website visual design.

Social Media & Community Building

Social media advertising and engagement involves community building and connecting with your target audience. The opportunity here is to convey your brand's unique self expression and attract the audience that resonates with your message. This specifically includes things like event creation, management and promotion, engaging on social media platforms with potential audiences that fit your persona profiles, and public relations with potential vendor partners, collaborators, and other brand partners.