COVID-19 Update & Schedule


Due to the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on my life and business, I have turned towards the digital nomad lifestyle and have now been periodically traveling between Los Angeles, CA and Salt Lake City, UT for personal/family reasons. I am available for brand, interior, decor, real estate, and architectural photography sessions via appointment in both locations. I wear a mask at all my sessions and prefer to maintain 6 feet distance due to my mother being immunocompromised.

Please contact me for specific photography booking availability and I will continue to update my schedule as I go forward. I tend to loosely plan my schedule in 3 month increments. I am also open to traveling around Utah for photoshoots, as well as Southern Nevada, Arizona, and all throughout Southern California. I just need advance booking notice for these traveling trips! (1-2 weeks)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. **Note: I am no longer accepting Groupons.**

Brand Marketing & Coaching

I am readily available for brand coaching and consultations, as these are virtual conversations that are not affected by my travel schedule.

Current 2021 Travel Schedule:

August - SLC, UT

September - SLC, UT

October - Los Angeles, CA

November - not yet planned

December - not yet planned