Melding of the Minds - A Truly Magical and Soulful Experience...

This event was unlike any other I've personally attended. Usually when I go to networking events they're very formal, stuffy, awkward, only somewhat enjoyable, people usually stick to themselves or their cliques and are, for the most part, not always being super honest, judgmental and a little cold. When I came to this event, I was warmly welcomed into a community of truly amazing creatives who embraced you with open arms and generosity of spirit. This melding pot of an evening was absolutely breathtaking and BEAUTIFULLY INSPIRATIONAL!!! I can't even begin to express what a magical night it was for me personally.. and even though it was an intimate event of about 30 women, I didn't get to connect with every wonderful soul that was there because I was so enamored with the ones I did connect with. Our conversations were so raw, real, vulnerable, authentic and genuine.. it was as if I had known these people my whole life. It was definitely an evening I didn't want to go home from and wished was longer so I could get to know everyone!

The evening took place at a rug showroom and family business run by Norel who inherited her father's rug business she has recently rebranded into the delight that is Pull & Thread. Since Norel took over, she has honored her father's memory and has grown the showroom into a collaborative space for all kinds of creative experiences including, interactive workshops, classes, and events that bring the community together and unite people in a unique venue of beauty and warm connection. The inspiration for the Melding of The Minds event began from a vision that Norel (Pull & Thread) and Soulie (Studio Soul) had of bringing together a community and creating an immersive cultural experience for everyone! Soulie is an eclectic design, jewelry and accessories extraordinaire with beautiful connections with many amazing women who powerfully advocate the beauty and magnificent designs that Soulie creates. She makes the most gorgeous, high vibin' smudge bundles bound full of sage, flowers, crystals, and feathers. They are exquisite in every sense of the word... I really appreciate art and beauty and these bundles are her artistic expression.

Every single detail of Norel and Soulie's event was intentionally thought out, from the design and decor, to the handpicked people in attendance, to the music, the ambiance, the Moroccan food, the florals, the crafted cocktails, the conversation ice breakers, the vendors including: handmade candles, multicultural clutches, kaftans, tea ceremony and a massage bar by the lovely Providencia. In addition to me being there photographing design and journaling about the event, they also had an event photographer and videographer who captured the essence of the event from all different angles. I loved connecting with them too, it's fun to collaborate with like-minded creatives! The vibe was really warm and inviting; I felt like I was being welcomed into a huge family dinner as a member of the family. It was definitely a place to connect, be yourself, be creative, laugh, enjoy amazing food, and embrace strangers as if they were always apart of your soul tribe.

During the day...

Norel invited me to join early on during setup and preparation so I could photograph the design interiors of the space and the event. This photo showcases the dining area where we sat to enjoy our meals in the showroom. If you think it looks amazing now wait until the lights go down.. scroll down to see.

As the sun slowly began to set the twinkly lights on the table began to sparkle.

I made sure to photograph the table and decor as the lighting changed so you could see the evolution that I saw when I was there. The day and night time ambiances were both equally perfect and gorgeous... yet totally different atmospheres. Oriental Rug Showroom by day, enchanting evening by night! Using the rugs as part of the decor was truly a special treat as well. We got to sit on these high quality, cherished rugs and pillows while enjoying the moroccan vibes at sunset.

The room transformed literally every second as Norel, Soulie and the vendors setup their spaces and continued on decorating.

A look at Norel (gold) and Soulie's (white) soulful, loving and fun friendship

The collective of goddesses who attended the event! We were all invited to wear champagne, ivory or creme.

A delicious full course dinner was provided by a private Moroccan chef, Yasmina Ksikes. They also gave us prompt suggestions under our table to create open conversations with our neighbors. Again, super thoughtful!

In honor of the Divine Feminine energy, we were entertained with a sensual belly dancing performance by Shannon Lewallen and accompanied percussion by Ava Nahas. She offers belly dance classes at Pull & Thread as well if you're interested in connecting with your own feminine essence.

And then the night began to wind down...

After the performance the night began to wind down and we all continued to chit chat with each other and shop with the vendors. Overall, it was a spectacular night full of real magic, allure and celebration of art, creativity and human connection. If you're looking to attend one of Pull & Thread's events, Norel is hosting a free Holiday Bazaar on December 12th from 6 - 9 PM for all local creatives and artists. If you're digging all the things I mentioned above then you MUST attend this event. You will love it. You can find out a bit more info here and on the graphic below.