Calabasas Brand Portraits - Ramin Azizi

Ramin and I took a stroll through old town Calabasas and captured these lovely images. Brand portraits are perfect to use for your website, social media channels and email marketing. I love to ask questions and discover what kind of look, feel and emotion the person wants to capture and convey to their audience. Images speak so much more than words can at times because they penetrate beyond the conscious mind and enter straight into the heart. You get the feels! So when it comes to shooting portraits of yourself for your brand... you want to capture your essence, what you're about, and what is the overall purpose of what you're up to with this business in the first place. You better be at the source of what you're creating and know how you want people to perceive you. It's a beautiful blend of authenticity and power.

Brand portraits allow your audience to see who you really are. The raw and real you that you are. The reason I am saying that is because I know when I am shooting people I ask them questions that get them engaged in what they care about, what they like and who they are. So the entire time we're doing this shoot, we're absorbed in the energy of what matters to you, and it's that vibe, that essence that I capture and that I physically communicate through the photo. People get to have a sense of who you are because when they see your photo they feel that energy and intention from the shoot.

Take a look at the different photos above. As a photographer, I like to shoot a bunch of shots of the same portrait. In one of the studios I worked at I was diligently taught to just get it in one shot to save time and move on... but honestly if I am doing this just to get it done then why even do this at all. It's about the process, the journey, the movement and flow down the river of creativity. I get to capture each second as it is lived and as human beings we see so many different thoughts and emotions everyday.. and that conveys on our face. So it's perfect to really show that progression in a shoot. These faces are unique to you and only you, and it's important to capture them fully.